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Flight Attendant Workers Compensation

Robert Huber

Flight Attendant Workers Compensation Lawyer Servicing Philadelphia

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, flying has become an increasingly risky endeavor for Americans. While flight remains an essential form of travel for many, both the passengers and airport workers run the risk of contracting the virus despite heavy safety regulations. Flight attendants must now contend with not only the chance of suffering an injury on the job, but also contracting Covid-19. Because flight attendants interact with a large portion of the general public on a daily basis, it has become an increasingly dangerous form of employment during the public health crisis.  If you or a loved one has suffered a workplace injury while working for an airline, you should schedule a consultation with our Workers Compensation law firm to review your case.

Coronavirus Airport Risks

At the time of this publication, the U.S. has over four million positive cases and 151,000 fatalities. While many of these are concentrated in nursing homes, airports function as hubs of travel and workers within this sector are exposed to a high-volume of travelers each day. This greatly increases the chances of contracting the virus, despite attempts to flatten the curve with strict safety measures. Flight Attendants in particular are at risk because the virus is most easily transmissible within confined spaces, and the job necessitates being in close quarters with passengers during flights.

Flight Attendant Injuries

One of the leading causes of injuries amongst Flight Attendants are injuries caused by airplane turbulence. Though flying is statistically a safer form of travel than driving, it does carry its share of injury risk. Another potential work hazard for flight attendants are violent passengers. Slip and fall accidents and muscle strains from lifting passenger luggage are also frequently cited as causes of injury amongst flight attendants.

Flight Attendant Workers Compensation

Workers compensation for flight attendants can be extremely complex cases, as there are various injury situations that may qualify for Workers Comp benefits. For example, if a flight attendant was hurt in a hotel between flights, this may be considered a work-related injury. The same legal reasoning would apply to an injury suffered while traversing an airport parking lot. If you are injured while on the job, it’s imperative that you notify a supervisor of the incident as soon as possible in order to create thorough documentation to support your case.

Why Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Consulting with a trained legal professional is the best way to maximize compensation for your Workers Comp claim. Everyday citizens often lack the resources to build a successful case, and often receive compensation much lower than what they’re actually entitled to. At Huber and Palsir, our Workers Compensation law firm prides itself on our ability to represent our clients’ interests in complex legal negotiations. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to review your case.