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Feb 25 / Posted by Robert Huber

Personal Injury and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles offer a wide variety of benefits for those who own them. In some cases they can be much more cost effective than other vehicles with regards to insurance costs. Unfortunately, safety is not one of these benefits. Statistics show that in 2015 over 88,000 motorcyclists were injured as a result of accidents on the […]

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Feb 19 / Posted by Robert Huber

False Imprisonment and Personal Injury

False imprisonment is the act of an individual detaining another party against their will without legal authority. Any action that prevents you from leaving an area, whether it’s through physical force or restraints, is a form of detainment. If the other party made you fearful for your safety through verbal threats, this would still meet […]

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Jan 21 / Posted by Robert Huber

Surgeon Malpractice and Personal Injury

Of all the forms of medical malpractice, negligence on the part of a medical professional during surgery is by far the most serious. The complications from a botched surgery can result in long-term disabilities, debilitating conditions, and in extreme cases, even death. Each year, over 4,000 surgical errors occur throughout the United States. In this […]

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Jan 14 / Posted by Robert Huber

Personal Injury and Commercial Truck Accidents

Car accidents occur in this country at a frightening rate each and every day. In 2006, these accounted for 4,995 deaths and 106,000 injuries. The risk of being on roads with hazardous conditions and unsafe drivers is a reality you face every time you step into a vehicle. Accidents involving commercial trucks, however, are often […]

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Strong Advocacy in Personal Injury and Work Injury Cases

We focus our practice on representing people who are injured on the job or through the negligence of others. Our personal injury practice ranges from motor vehicle accidents to slip-and-falls and defective products. We are equipped to handle the most complex cases, including wrongful death or catastrophic injuries such as brain injury, spinal injury, amputations and burn injuries.

Through our work injury practice, we represent employees in a wide range of occupations, including construction work, gas exploration, factory jobs and health care. Our lawyers fight claim denials and attempts to modify or terminate benefits. We also represent clients in settlements for loss of use or permanent disability.

Huber & Palsir also has the resources to take on medical negligence/medical malpractice claims such as birth injuries, surgery errors and failure to diagnose cancer.
Tailoring Our Approach to Your Needs

We believe the best way to serve you is to help you understand your rights and options at each step of the legal process. Do you have a case? Should you talk to the insurance company? Should you accept a settlement offer?

It is true that it takes less time and paperwork to settle claims outside of court. But quick resolution of claims is most beneficial to insurers, particularly if the settlement does not account for your long-term needs. The tactics and profit motives of insurance companies are exactly why you need the support of experienced trial lawyers.

Robert Huber has been selected for inclusion in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers and he has obtained numerous million-dollar recoveries for clients during 20 years in practice. Law partner Susan Palsir also brings substantial courtroom experience as a former prosecutor.

At Huber & Palsir, we take pride in providing the highest level of personal service and results. We strive to take the mystery out of legal jargon and the legal process and to give clients honest and realistic expectations. We fully commit our experience, energy and resources to obtain every dollar of compensation our clients deserve.

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