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  • $3.5 Million settlement, medical malpractice – Failure to timely diagnose and treat retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) of a preemie born at 31 weeks gestation, multiple surgeries, resulting in blindness.
  • $2.8 Million settlement, paratransit negligence – Failure to provide physician ordered door to door assistance after dialysis. Plaintiff, a 54 year old cane dependent woman with diabetic neuropathy, fell shortly after exiting the paratransit vehicle suffering left ankle and tibia fractures. As a result, plaintiff, who was 54 years old, underwent 3 surgeries, with ultimate below the knee amputation of her left leg.
  • $1.8 Million settlement, construction accident – Building collapse case where union welder suffered head, spine and right shoulder injuries resulting in multiple surgeries and inability to return to work as a welder. We helped the Plaintiff secure over $520,000 in workers compensation benefits as well.
  • $1.5 Million settlement, elevator accident – 57 year old woman tripped and fell while exiting an elevator that failed to level resulting in left knee, left elbow, arm and wrist injuries resulting in multiple surgeries and disability from her job. We also represented the plaintiff in her underlying workers’ compensation case, obtaining over $450,000 in benefits.
  • $575,000 settlement, construction accident – 32 year old Union laborer was struck by a subcontractor’s truck on a job site, injuring his knee resulting in surgery and permanent partial disability. Through our representation, he also obtained over $350,000 in workers compensation benefits.
  • $450,000 settlement, medical malpractice – Delayed diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer of a 69 year old woman who ultimately died due to metastasis of the cancer.
  • $300,000 settlement, construction accident – 36 year old non-union insulator fell and fractured both arms, requiring plates in both arms with contested liability. Claimant received over $250,000 in additional workers compensation benefits during our representation of him.
  • $3.9 million settlement, medical malpractice — Premature baby developed detached retinas in both eyes due to retinopathy of prematurity which was not timely diagnosed and treated, resulting in blindness.
  • $3 million verdict, construction accident — Welder’s flash eye injuries to union construction worker causing severe light sensitivity and inability to work as a crane operator.
  • $1.15 million settlement – accidental drowning of 3 year old who was attracted to unprotected dangerous pier which property owner left open and unguarded. Child fell off pier into water while throwing rocks into water.
  • $750,000 mediated settlement — Negligent supervision of students in a shop class at a trade school. Teenage student was accidentally cut with box cutter by another student, resulting in multiple surgeries and impairment to dominant hand for student who planned to be an electrician.
  • $1.325 million settlement, medical malpractice — Baby with rare genetic metabolic disorder phenylketonuria “PKU” whose condition was missed on newborn screening resulting in brain injury and severe developmental delay. Detection and special low protein diet could have prevented this child’s injuries.
  • $450,000 settlement, construction accident — Crane operator struck trusses that plaintiff was standing on, causing him to fall 2 stories. Multiple facial fractures with resulting eye orbit facial implant. Plaintiff was a hard working immigrant from Honduras with little education. During the pendency of this 3rd party action, we helped Plaintiff obtain over $200,000 in workers compensation benefits in separate, related case.
  • $300,000 settlement, medical malpractice — Failure to timely diagnose stroke. Plaintiff presented to hospital with signs and symptoms of stroke, was sent home and suffered stroke. Assisted this plaintiff with obtaining SSDI benefits as well.
  • $250,000 settlement, trip and fall — Plaintiff fell on raised sidewalk in front of a commercial property resulting in shoulder fracture requiring one surgery and two hospitalizations.
  • $235,000 verdict, slip and fall — Dental office worker slipped and fell on driveway outside of her employer’s place of business which was owned and maintained by separate company. Assisted plaintiff in obtaining over $200,000 of workers compensation benefits arising out of the same accident.
  • $225,000 settlement, auto accident — Pedestrian was struck by car while crossing street in crosswalk. Plaintiff suffered fractured femur requiring rod placement in leg and also missed remainder of semester of law school resulting in a one year delay of entry into the job market.
  • $175,000 award, construction accident — 60 year-old guard at condominium complex suffered knee injury when tarp covering fresh concrete blew loose because contractor failed to properly secure it. Plaintiff’s employer asked him to secure the tarp, which blew high in air with gust of wind throwing plaintiff’s knee to ground. Plaintiff was disabled from work and required eventual knee replacement due to combination of age related problems and the accident. Assisted plaintiff in obtaining over $150,000.00 in workers compensation benefits as well as SSDI benefits.
  • $300,000 policy limit tender, auto accident — Plaintiff worked at car dealership was hit in back by driver of loaner car. Plaintiff was unable to return to work.
  • $325,000 global settlement, commercial truck rollover — Plaintiff operator of dump trunk suffered multiple injuries including head injuries in roll over. Extent of plaintiff’s injuries and disability were all disputed. Resolution of case occurred with both liability insurer and workers’ compensation carrier.
  • $400,000 verdict, assault — Plaintiff was an ambulance driver who was assaulted while on the job. Upon arriving at the location to pick up the patient, another driver from a competitor ambulance service became upset that Plaintiff had arrived first and picked up the patient. The defendant tackled and beat plaintiff, resulting in multiple injuries to plaintiff including a fractured patella. Plaintiff was unable to perform his job for over a year. Assisted plaintiff in obtaining over $100,000 in workers compensation benefits as well.
Workers’ Compensation
  •  $340,000 lump sum settlement – High average weekly wage machine pperator’s non-dominant arm was badly injured resulting in permanent light duty restrictions.
  • Loss of Use/Amputation cases – we have obtained multiple six figure settlements for clients who have lost the use of an arm or hand, with lifetime medical benefits.
  • $240,000 settlement — Industrial worker with high average weekly wage suffered hernia injury. Post-operative complications resulted in three surgeries. Claimant unable to return to work force. Assisted plaintiff in obtaining company short and long term disability benefits as well.
  • $245,000 settlement — Mechanic and laborer suffered herniated disc at work. Claimant moved to Puerto Rico and employer sought to suspend his benefits based on light duty job offer.
  • $227,500 settlement, fatal claim petition — Injured worker, a diabetic, was over the road trucker. Worker suffered cut on the job which became staph infection which attacked injured worker’s heart valve. Following successful heart valve transplant surgery, the infection recurred and Claimant expired. Employer contested liability, claiming the infection was from a separate cause, a diabetic ulcer. Case settled after deposition of Claimant’s medical expert.
  • $162,500 settlement — Forklift operator suffered a crush injury to his foot when it was pinned against a column. Claimant was initially paid workers compensation benefits voluntarily. After multiple surgeries, the employer’s IME physician released claimant back to light duty work. Claimant attempted the job, but was in too much pain to do the job and went out of work. The employer then learned Claimant had lied on his job application many years earlier that he did not have a criminal record. Claimant was then terminated from employment. Employer sought to have Claimant’s wage loss benefits suspended claiming that he was fired for falsification of his job application. This difficult case was successfully mediated.
  • $80,000 settlement, medical claim only — Claimant suffered disabling work injuries in the mid 1990s and eventually settled the wage loss portion of her case. She eventually returned to work obtained medical insurance and after the one year waiting period was going to be able to have her pre-existing work injuries paid for by her medical insurer. She had grown tired of the IMEs and was ready to move past her work injury claim.
Medical Only Cases
  • $415,000, plus a Medicare Set Aside – Years after winning benefits and obtaining a six figure wage loss settlement on a low average weekly case, we successfully negotiated a $415,000 lump sum payable solely to the claimant for future medical care and services which were not covered by Medicare, plus an MSA funded by the employer.
  • Award of Ongoing Home Health Care Services – we have obtained awards and/or settlements providing for home health care services in multiple cases.

Every legal matter is different. The outcome of each legal case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case. An attorney’s successes in past legal matters cannot be relied upon to predict a successful outcome in your own case.

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