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EMS Workers Compensation Lawyer Located Near Graduate Hospital 19146

Robert Huber

Emergency Services workers experience higher injury rates than almost any other field of employment. Studies show that first responders have a lost workday rate that is three times above the national average. Because EMS workers are constantly responding to emergency situations in dangerous environments, they have an increased risk of incurring injuries on the job, some of which can cause long-term damage. If you’ve suffered a work-related injury as an EMS worker, contact our Workers Compensation Firm servicing Graduate Hospital 19146 to explore your legal options.

EMS Worker Injuries

Statistics show that over 22,000 EMS workers receive emergency room treatment for injuries on an annual basis. These were most common during responses to emergency calls, as patient transport can result in over-exertion and physical strain. Back and neck injuries are commonly caused by repetitive motions from lifting and moving patients. Slip and falls, patient violence, and motor accidents account for over 8,000 injuries each year. EMS workers also run the risk of being exposed to hazardous environments and suffering from PTSD as a result of traumatic experiences in the field.

Workers Compensation Benefits

EMS workers that suffer a work-related injury are entitled to pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and disability depending on the severity of their case. First responders may also receive workers comp for counseling as a result of PTSD. In certain instances, however, claiming Workers Comp benefits can be more complex. For example, if an EMS worker contracted a lung disease as a result of exposure to hazardous toxins, the insurance company may be able to argue that there were other potential causes outside of the work-related incident. This could potentially put a worker’s compensation benefit claim at risk. To eliminate these potential risks, it’s very important to report injuries and exposures as soon as they occur to ensure you have proper documentation to support your case.

Why Hire an EMS Workers Compensation Lawyer?

In order to pursue maximum settlement for your claim, you should consult with a Workers’ Comp Lawyer to evaluate all possible legal options. At Huber and Palsir, our team of workers compensation attorneys has the experience and dedication to help you build a successful case. Contact our Workers Comp Law Firm located near Graduate Hospital 19146 for a free consultation to discuss all your workers compensation needs.