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Public Transportation Workers Comp Lawyer Servicing New Jersey

Robert Huber

Public transportation is a vital part of our economy and daily lives. Each day, buses and subways in New York carry over 7,000,000 passengers to various destinations across the city. Workers in the public transportation industry expose themselves to potential injuries each and every workday. Because interacting with the general public is a fundamental aspect of their job responsibilities, these employees must take extra precautions to ensure their health and safety. Statistics indicate that 5,000-7,000 bus drivers will miss work each year due to a workplace incident. If you or a loved one has suffered a work-related injury or illness while employed in the public transportation industry, contact our Workers Comp Law Firm servicing New Jersey to find out more about how our firm can help you build a successful workers compensation claim.

Public Transportation Worker Injuries

Statistics show that bus drivers are particularly at risk due to the amount of time they spend operating on the road. Traffic accidents are a common occurrence, and studies indicate that over 50% of bus workers will receive injuries at some point over the course of their career. Illnesses are another concern for workers in the public transportation industry, as they are often interacting with hundreds of people on a daily basis. This puts them at greater risk of becoming sick than personnel in other industries. Slip and fall accidents and repetitive injuries due to overexertion are also especially common amongst public transit workers. Due to constant exposure to the general public, workplace violence is another common issue for bus drivers, which can sometimes carry a long-term psychological impact.

Public Transportation Workers Compensation

Although filing a Workers Compensation claim may not seem like a complicated procedure, there are often mitigating factors that can make the process difficult for everyday Americans to handle. In order to pursue Workers Comp, employees must first report their injury directly to the supervisor to ensure the incident is properly recorded in company records. If the injury is severe, or has long-term repercussions, you need to keep detailed records of medical bills and lost wages to ensure you’re compensated fairly by your employer. One study indicated that out of 109 bus drivers who experienced workplace violence, over 9.8% would suffer from PTSD as a result of the incident. In this case, the cost of mental health treatment is another expense that may be eligible for Workers Compensation from your employer.

Why Hire a Public Transportation Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Hiring a Workers Comp Lawyer is essential to building a strong claim. At Huber and Palsir, our team prides itself on our ability to advocate for the best interests of our clients. We have a long track record of securing large settlements and fighting fiercely to pursue fair compensation for the workers we represent. Contact our Workers Compensation Law Firm servicing New Jersey for a free consultation to discuss all your workers’ comp needs.