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3 Situations Where You Need a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Robert Huber

Sometimes, medical professionals mess up. If the health consequences are severe enough for the patient, they can legally file a claim against their care provider. And if the patient’s side wins the case, they will be entitled to well-deserved money damages.

It sounds really simple, but oftentimes, medical malpractice occurs because there is miscommunication between parties, whether it’s solely on the professional side or between the doctor-patient relationship.

So what are some instances of medical malpractice? When do you need a medical malpractice lawyer, anyway? Here are just a few common situations where patients need legal support and representation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



Outpatients typically are most vulnerable to misdiagnosis compared to those who are inpatients. This most often happens in cases of cancer and heart attacks, which are serious medical conditions not to be taken lightly at all. Additionally, delayed diagnosis and failure to diagnose are also serious issues punishable by law.


Medication errors

Unfortunately, it’s also common for doctors to prescribe medication to their patients. Likewise, it’s also common to be prescribed the wrong dosage of the correct medication. Both situations can be taken to court.


Childbirth-related injuries

Unfortunately, pregnant people are extremely vulnerable to injuries when giving birth, even under professional care in a hospital. Some common types of birth injuries include, but are not limited to: certain bone fractures, cephalohematoma, spinal cord injuries, and even facial paralysis. Approximately 20 percent of all medical malpractice cases are oriented around childbirth cases.

At Huber & Palsir, we know that medical malpractice is a serious, urgent issue. We understand how serious and life-threatening it can be. Don’t jeopardize your health. We want to make sure your case sees justice. If you’ve recently experienced an incident of medical malpractice in the surrounding Philadelphia area, you need an attorney you can rely on to fight for the benefits you deserve.

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