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Forklift Workers Compensation Lawyer Servicing Bella Vista 19147

Forklift Workers Compensation Lawyer Servicing Bella Vista 19147

Injured at work?  You are entitled to benefits.

Forklift related accidents are some of the most common workplace injuries in the country. Estimates indicate that nearly 100,000 forklift operators will be injured performing their day to day duties each year. Operating complex machinery on a daily basis can result in serious bodily harm, including spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and amputations. These types of injuries can have long lasting repercussions and, in some cases, permanent disability. Managing the legal aspects of workers comp can be a serious burden on victims and their families. Contacting our team of Forklift Workers Compensation Lawyers in Bella Vista 19147 will ensure that you receive the best possible representation for your case.

Forklift Injuries

Statistics show that forklift injuries account for over 85 deaths per year. Another 40,000 workers will be severely injured while on the job, resulting in long-term recoveries and potential disability. Because forklifts typically weigh over 9,000 pounds, which is more than three cars combined, they can be extremely dangerous to operate. Although many of these injuries are preventable, companies often fail to enforce proper OSHA safety standards, leading to the high rates of workplace accidents.

Forklift Workers Comp

Workers compensation cases can be very complex, and many forklift workers often lack the legal support to pursue the damages they’re entitled to. Workers are required to report an injury in the workplace within a certain timeframe. For example, an employee injured in PA must notify the company within 21 days of the incident in order to be eligible for workers comp. This typically covers medical bills, lost wages, and in more severe cases, a percentage of the worker’s disability costs. In the event of an injury, it’s very important to contact a workers comp lawyer to evaluate the circumstances of your case.

Why Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

In certain instances, the injured party may be eligible for compensation beyond loss of income and medical expenses. If it can be proven that the company failed to properly maintain their forklift equipment, you may be able to pursue additional damages on the grounds of negligence. At Huber and Palsir, we have a dedicated team of professionals with the resources and experience to represent your interests. Contact our Workers Compensation Law Firm in Bella Vista 19147 for a free consultation to discuss all your workers’ comp needs.

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