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How Consumers Can Fight Against Medical Malpractice

How Consumers Can Fight Against Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, medical professionals make mistakes, which can jeopardize your health and even life. If the health consequences are severe enough, a patient can legally file a claim against their care provider, which can result in financial benefits for the patient if the case is won.

So what are some ways consumers can fight against medical malpractice? And when do you know the right time to contact a lawyer, when you can’t do any more fighting on you own anymore?

Background research

To combat the possibility of misdiagnosis, it’s important to openly communicate with your doctor. Although your doctor can still make a mistake, you can also take a proactive approach towards your diagnosis. As a consumer, the Internet has a wealth of medical information that can provide background information as a frame a reference. Additionally, be sure to monitor and track your symptoms, such as in a journal or in a smartphone app.

This technique also applies to medications. Unfortunately, doctors can prescribe medication. As a consumer, you can self-monitor any side effects of the medication to report back to your doctor during the next visit.

Take notes during appointments

Once you are meeting with your doctor, take detailed notes during the visit. This helps you keep a good record of what a medical professional communicates to you, just in case you were to ever need this information documented in an organized fashion. While hopefully you may never need it for legal reasons, it’s generally a good practice for patients wanting to hold doctors accountable. For instance, you can compare notes from different meetings.

Openly communicate

It’s always good to engage in a conversation with your medical provider. The doctor-patient relationship should never echo a one-sided relationship, because you are paying for a service and are entitled to quality healthcare.

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