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Construction Accident? Our Philadelphia Attorneys Can Help You

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Construction Accident? Our Philadelphia Attorneys Can Help You

Getting into a construction accident is a big deal. Don’t let any Philadelphia construction accident attorney tell you otherwise.

Although construction sites aren’t traditionally the safest place to be, you deserve safety in your workplace as both a worker and an employee. You can take proper precautions such as wearing a helmet and staying alert. Your employer should also be fostering the safest environment they possibly can.

For instance, there are official guidelines and legal regulations your boss must adhere to in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If those requirements aren’t met, we can help protect you.

Even in the safest of workplaces, accidents are still unavoidable and inevitable. Some commonplace construction accidents include scaffolding falls, electric shocks, burns, chemical spills, explosions, crane accidents, and falling materials like rock and/or brick. These incidents can also be caused from heavy machinery involved with constructing buildings and other structures. Our Philadelphia accident attorneys have seen it all and know how to best help you legally.

Unfortunately, these incidents can cause serious medical injuries and problems like broken limbs, concussions, and other types of brain injuries. They can cause mental health issues and long term physical disabilities.

Unfortunately, construction accidents can also lead to death. According to the United States Department of Labor, one in every five worker deaths were related to construction in 2015. That’s a number every employer, especially within the construction industry, should be mindful of.

When an accident occurs, you are entitled to quality legal representation. At Huber & Palsir, we can fight for the safe workplace you deserve. We can also help you navigate the proper course of action for a workers’ compensation claim. You’re not alone.

Although construction accident litigation is difficult, someone can be found guilty for your accident and injury. Using our 20 years of experience representing injured workers, our Philadelphia accident attorneys can help find who that liable party is,