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The Difference Between General and Residual Disability in Philadelphia

Robert Huber

If you are unable to work in the surrounding Philadelphia area, you may qualify for disability compensation coverage.

However, there are two different types of disability policy applicable to Philadelphians. It falls with in short and long term disability compensation.

Short term disability, or residual disability, refers to just a temporary form of coverage. Those eligible for this type of policy have been injured or impaired enough to not be able to perform job duties.

Long term disability, or general disability, refers to a much more permanent form of coverage. This policy means you’re unable to perform job duties and there is no “getting better,” but you can apply for benefit to compensate for your loss and lack of income.

So when does a short term disability become a long term one? Most policies indicate that if an injury or impairment lasts for two years, it can likely be eligible for long term disability coverage.

However, many policies have a cut-off for how many years you can collect coverage. There is indeed a limit. For instance, many cut off coverage when someone turns 65 years old. Alternatively, benefits are reduced over time as the years go on.

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