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Nerve Damage and Workers’ Compensation

Robert Huber


Nerve damage can occur in any type of work environment, either from sudden traumatic injury or repetitive stress.  If you have suffered nerve damage in the course of doing your job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

 At Huber & Palsir LLC in Philadelphia, we are here to advocate for Pennsylvania workers who have suffered nerve damage, and to help them utilize resources such as workers’ compensation.


Cases of nerve damage typically fall into one of two categories.

The most serious category of damage is bruising, tearing, or stretching of a nerve or the surrounding tissue.  It is usually caused by an accident and can result in total loss of function or movement (paralysis) or serious limitations on mobility and strength.  This type of injury can be permanent.

The second category is pressure on nerves that blocks the transmission of signals to and from the brain.  This is often caused by loss of blood supply to the area, from sudden trauma or stress on the area over a period of time.  The nerve is usually not permanently damaged in these cases, but may be regenerated over a period of months or years through surgery or physical rehabilitation.


 The most common causes of nerve damage are:

  • trauma
  • repetitive use (as in carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • illness (i.e. diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases)

Most work-related instances of nerve damage fall into the first two categories.  However, in some professions such as construction and similar occupations, nerve damage can be coupled with head or spinal trauma, to more serious results, including permanent disability, paralysis and death.


If you have suffered nerve damage in the course of doing your job, there are resources at your disposal, such as workers’ compensation.  At Huber & Palsir LLC, we’re here to help you utilize those resources.

If you work in Pennsylvania and have been impacted by work-related nerve damage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we can help you determine the best course of action.