Social Security Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia

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What is Social Security Disability Insurance


This insurance program (SSDI), operated and administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is designed for workers who become unable to work for a prolonged periods of time. The program is funded by the “FICA” tax withheld from workers’ pay, as well as the employer contributions. Usually, any worker who has worked and paid the FICA tax for at least five of the ten years before becoming unable to work due to a disability is covered, although dependent upon age others may qualify for the benefits with fewer years of work.
The following criteria make up the basis of determining eligibility for the SSDI benefits:

  • One must be able to prove to the Social Security Administration that one cannot perform their job or any other type of work because of the disability.
  • The disability must last, or be expected to last 12 months or longer.

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Application Process

Your initial claim can be filed online, over the phone, or in person at your local Social Security field office. However, due to the rise in the number of claims, it is increasingly difficult to receive a favorable decision by the SSA. In fact, an estimated 60% of initial claims are denied. If your initial claim is denied, it does not mean that you do not qualify. The Philadelphia attorneys of Huber & Palsir, LLC have decades of collective experience making sure disabled workers receive the benefits they are entitled to, which in 2014 were up to $2,642/month. If your claim gets denied, or you feel you are not receiving fair compensation, contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.